Monday, June 8, 2009


You were so determined in getting the job. You pushed yourself hard throughout uni days. Keep reminding yourself life will be great, if not amazing once you get that prestigious job. With a no-nonsense mind striving for success, your friends start jokingly terming you boring. But you do not mind, because your mind was clouded with only that job as a goal.

Then your heart breaks, when a course mate told you she already got that job, even before she graduates. You’ve gone a little fanatic over it. You start applying for every other alternative. Attending every other interviews. Just to feel you are still wanted, somewhere, somehow.

Job offers start hitting you, left, right, front, back, centre, but not the one you’ve wanted from the very beginning. Bowing to fate, you accepted one. But you are not happy, kept thinking you deserves better things, so you keep on wishing and praying.

And then the phone rings, it’s them. And almost immediately they offered you the job. The job you have wanted all these while.

After being extremely enthusiastic about getting into the job, you pushed yourself to accomplish the great things you’ve always thought about. You have gone out of the way to blend in with the colleagues. You got into the pace and norm like the rest of them. Their culture seems like your culture. Long hours are normal. A weekend of personal time is luxuries.

It feels almost like jumping into rapids. After struggling for a while to find how it flows, you get comfortable. You are able to start to follow its pace and direction. You follow how the water carries you. Every drop and every bend as if you were a part of this huge movement of water that doesn't stop but just keeps moving, moving and moving!

Three years down the line, you pop your head out of the water. You look around and questions start coming. How did I get here? Is this where I want to be? If I get out of the water now, will I be able to find my ways around?

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