Monday, December 1, 2008


When I was in high school, we celebrated thanksgiving every year. Our teachers will tell us to bring something on that day, either handmade or something small from the gifts shop, and give it to our teachers and friends as a token of appreciations. Most of the time, these gifts were handmade as we were on tight budget and also because we had all the time in the world. However, these were also some of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received. From bookmark to key chain to potpourris to photo fames. I treasure them dearly in a little box in my room.

As times passes by, from college and then to university and then to work field, I’ve slowly and unintentionally forget all about thanksgiving. Not only have I forgotten all about getting gifts to my dear friends and close one, I’ve also from time to time forgot to be thankful for everything that’s around me.

So I’m going to list down everything I am thankful for even though Thanksgiving is over (just in case I forgot about them again):-

I am thankful for my wonderful friends.
Wei – Whom I’ve known for ages. Not only I’ve known you for ages, we’ve been close all these years and I think that is rare. Not everyone I’ve known since primary school is as close as we are today. The bond that we have is something no money in the world can buy.
Babi Wong – Whom I’ve been through so many up and downs with. Though, I’ve not known you since forever, in fact, we only got closer when we are in uni, but you’ve have been there for me and we’ve shared some of our deepest thoughts together.
Ann – Whom I’ve shared some of the craziest moments with. From high school till now, you’ve always managed to me laugh.
Aunty – Whom I’ve managed to learn so many things from. We’ve shared our laughter and also our life/work philosophies. Thanks for offering your balcony to me.
Lil boy – Whom I’ve had plenty of fun gossiping and bitching to. You’ve also managed to gross me to death with some of your stories.
Che – Whom I’ve managed to lean on at times. You’ve took care of me just like how a sister would.

I am thankful for that guy in my life.
You’ve have keep up with all the nonsense I put you through. You’ve made me feel so special; I do not feel a tiny winy bit ordinary with you. You’ve showered me with care and gifts I treasure so much. You’ve also managed to bore me with monotone voice. I am thankful I have you.

I am thankful for my job.
It’s giving me a decent pay. Though I do not really like some part of it because I think it’s really sad but I cannot deny that I like some other part of it. Plus, I am learning something out of it. Something Wei has taught me to be thankful about.

I am thankful for my family.
My simple and modest family members. Thankful I do not have to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary in a 5-star hotel with the world watching. Thankful my mummy do not need to dress up in some Hawaiian girl outfit for her 40th birthday. Thankful I am driving a smaller car than my boss. Thankful I can practically park my car anywhere and no one will purposely ruin my car.

I am thankful for the great food I’ve tried and eaten.

I am thankful for the amazing places I’ve visited.

I am thankful for my quick temper and equally quick forgetfulness.

I am thankful for who I am today.